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Financial Services & Capital Markets

Financial Services & Capital Markets

ZK Associates have skills, knowledge and expertise to accommodate all of our clients’ needs in advisory, regulatory, compliance and authorization matters covering all types of financial institutions. We can provide legal advice tailored made to our clients’ needs and legal opinions to ensure that our clients are not moving into uncharted waters.

Authorization Advisory Services

We are proud of our experience, exposure and successful projects in the authorization of financial institutions and we have established strong relationships of trust with a number of competent authorities. We offer:

•Advice on the optimal structure to satisfy regulatory requirements and apply for a license for EU and non-EU based Investment Firms, Investment Funds, Payment and Electronic Money Institutions, Gaming, Corporate / Administration Service Providers, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies as well as Credit Institutions

•Advice on the current regulatory framework, the procedures required and the market practices in each case

•Advice as to how to expand the license, applying for a branch or a representative office, applying for a tied agent or for new licenses in EU and non-EU countries such as UK, Malta, Cyprus, Russia, Greece, South Africa, Australia, Ireland, Gibraltar, Belize, BVI, Mauritius, Seychelles, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Labuan, Singapore, Luxemburg, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, St. Vincent

Compliance Support & Advisory Services

We are here to make you feel safe and ensure that you are aware and well equipped to face any regulatory challenges. We provide compliance support and advisory services to local and international financial institutions that aim for tailored advice and solutions. Some of the regulatory framework under our expertise are the following:

•Basel II and III
•Capital Requirements Directive IV and its upcoming changes
•Anti-Money Laundering framework
•Companies Law


We are aware of the challenging and increasingly changing financial environment. With the technology ever evolving, the opportunities are greater than ever. We specialize in cryptocurrencies, payment coupons, gaming and blockchain technology. We are here to assist you in structuring, authorization and operational support.

Legal Opinions

Our firm understands that our clients can at times feel overwhelmed because they feel like diving into unchartered waters. We do not want that. We are here to solve all your problems and provide you with clear opinions to ensure that no water is unchartered for you. Among others, our services include:

•Expressing legal opinions with legal conclusions and analysis on a specific transaction or matter and the legal effect of the transaction or matter addressed to regulatory authorities

•Preparation of policies in accordance with legal obligations on specific practise areas

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Shelf Companies & Pre- Approved Names

Shelf Companies

A shelf company is the fastest way to getting a business fast and running. A shell company is a ready-made company, with no assets and/ or liabilities.
We can provide a list of ready-made companies available for purchase.
We, SN Nicolaou & Associates LLC, supply shell companies with appointed professional directors and trustee shareholders. The legal secretary and the secretarial services for the company are provided by our firm. The registered office address is our secretarial companies’ address as an effort to ensure compliance with the money laundering legislation. Once the company is acquired by the client, then all above requirements all of the above-mentioned requirements, can be fulfilled with individuals and/ or legal entities of your choice.

Pre- approved names

We also provide a list of pre-approved name of companies, as an effort to speed-up the formation of a company. However, it is noted that the name can be changed at any time in the future, to a name of your choice.

Corporate Administration Services

We provide a complete range of administration services for our clients’ day to day operations. Our aim is to respond promptly to our clients’ request and provide flexible solutions.
Our corporate administration services include the following:

Preparation and/ or reviewing of minutes & resolutions

Opening of bank accounts and provision of bank signatories for the processing and execution of bank instructions

Preparation and reviewing of various types of agreements

Drafting and reviewing of documents related to transfers of shares of a Cyprus company, change of directors, secretary, registered office, including submissions of the required forms to the Registrar of Companies

Arrangements for Share capital increase/ reduction (including the drafting of resolutions and other related documents

Amendments to M&A

Obtaining of corporate certificates from the Registrar of Companies

Redomiciliation of companies from/ to Cyprus

Undertaking company searches and due diligence requirements

Handling correspondence with third parties and various authorities

Monitoring local compliance with statutory requirements and filings

Issue of sales invoices and collection of receivables

Attending meetings and carrying out negotiations on behalf of clients

Legal Due Diligence including the collection of documents and assessment of potential risks, as per clients’ request

Assistance in applying for and obtaining business licences for specialized industry sectors and regulated investment firms.

Arranging for registration of trademarks or trade names

Corporate Secretarial Services

The existence of a company legal secretary is a requirement for the incorporation and operation of a Cyprus company under the companies’ law.
Our secretarial services include the following:

Provision of registered office address

Maintaining and safekeeping the statutory records and registers of the company

Attending meetings and keeping meeting minutes

Preparation of the Annual Directors’ Report to accompany company’s Financial Statements

Registration of company pledges

Request corporate certificates from public authorities

Preparation of notices for shareholders’/directors’ meetingss

Keep companies’ seal

Safekeeping of companies’ share certificates

In addition to the above-mentioned corporate administration services, we provide assistance on any corporate work required in the day-to-day administration for a Cypriot entity.

Banking Services

We can assist you with a number of banking solutions as we have established relationships with both Cyprus based as well as foreign banks. In the current world of compliance, successful bank application depends on the level of expertise of your banking advisor.
Our banking team can assist you with the following:

Expressing legal opinions with legal conclusions and analysis on a specific transaction or matter and the legal effect of the transaction or matter addressed to regulatory authorities

Preparation of policies in accordance with legal obligations on specific practise areas

Advisory services to any business transactions

Advisory services, on specialised industry areas such as the financial services

Provision of compliance health-checks

Provision of Anti-Money Laundering Review procedures and assessment on compliance with relevant laws and directions

Assistance in applications to Central Bank for Electronic Money Institutions (EMI) and Payment Institutions (PI)

Assistance in application for financial services companies in Cyprus (CySEC), Malta (MFSA), UK (FCA), UAE – Dubai (DFSA)

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